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Service - Experience the EIS Difference

EIS is a complete elevator inspection service company,
providing professional inspection and consulting services
for all vertical transportation.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

• Semi-Annual or Annual Safety Inspections

• Customized Inspection Scheduling

• Code Compliance Re-Inspection

• Customized Inspection Programs

• Architectural Plan Review and Approval for New Installations, Modernization Projects,     

  and Repairs

• Acceptance Inspection and Certification

• Inspection for Proactive Equipment Maintenance

Beyond Inspections

• Professional, Nationwide Consulting Services

  (For all projects - alterations, modernizations, or upgrades)

• Safety Training

• Witness All Testing-Including those required by the Office of the State Fire Marshall (OSFM)

• Equipment Audits for All Conveyance Systems  (Municipal, Commercial, Industrial,

  Institutional, Medical, Residential, and Public Use Applications)

Direct Billing

EIS will invoice conveyance owners directly, enabling your admin staff to perform other, more valuable tasks for your department.

Third-Party Review for Litigation and Accident Review


Value and Service

EIS rates are indeed more economical than our respected competitors.  Through decades of professional experience, we have developed and refined efficiencies.  We remain flexible and creative in working with clients towards reaching their budget goals by offering attractive rates based on volume, annual pre-payment of fees, combined annual invoicing and extended contract term cycles.

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