Professionalism - The Talented and Experienced EIS Team

Simply stated... The EIS Team is Acknowledged Among the Most Qualified in Chicagoland.


EIS President, Frank Cervone and Principal, Anthony J. DiBiase have a combined total of 100+ years practical experience in field work and supervisory roles in vertical transportation.


These two senior professionals are QEI certified licensed inspectors and possess a thorough knowledge and detailed understanding of national and state codes applicable to the industry.


Frank and Anthony are frequently requested to render expert opinions on matters requiring precise interpretation.

Our Field Experienced
QEI Certified, Licensed Inspectors




Derrick Banicki

John Brolick

Jim DeRoeck          

Doug Fleebe

Gregg Hall 

Ken Hock 

Richard Laskowski

Mike Matejka

Dan Menola

Frank Menola

Tony Panozzo

Michael Rattinger

Years in Industry/ Years QEI*


(40 / 1)

(41 / 2)

(42 / 9)

(32 / 17)

(35 / 12)

(29 / 10)

(49 / 6)

(35 / 4)

(24 / 15)

(41 / 17)

(35 / 3)

(46 / 4)

(45 / 10)

(47 / 10)

(46 / 16)

(33 / 9)

(32 / 4)

(43 / 4)

(33 / 10)

(31 / 6)

(13 / 4)

(51 / 24)

(42 / 8)

Jim Saxton

Ron Schneider 

Ted Shank

Ken Sliwa

Wally Stanula

Ken Steinbacher

Dave Uting 

Bryan Wade

Peter Wieczorek

Bill Winter

John Zolp




Years in Industry/ Years QEI*



EIS is proud to employ talented and established

inspectors.  Our inspectors average 40+ years experience in the elevator industry. 


The EIS team members have distinct backgrounds:

elevator mechanics, field adjustors, operations 

managers, and licensed supervising electricians.  

Our team of inspectors is acknowledged among the most qualified in the Chicago metropolitan area.



*QEI=Qualified Elevator Inspector having met the experience, qualifications and educational requirements of the ASME QEI-1 Standard for the Qualifications of Elevator Inspectors and Inspection Supervisors. 


The EIS office team has a combined total of 60+ years experience in the vertical transportation industry.


Cindy Turk was promoted to General Manager

in 2017.  She expands her expertise and the exceptional service provided to AIC Chicago Accounts to all EIS clients.

Amanda Russell and Maria Dentino are

the Accounts Managers for the Municipalities

served. Together, they have served the

industry over 25 years. Mary Berglind is Account Manager for AIC Chicago Accounts and Angela Kramski is an Administrative Assistant.

John Annoreno, Operations Manager, has over 13 years of field management experience.


August 1, 2017, Cindy Turk was promoted to General Manager of EIS. Cindy has created and implemented protocols improving company efficiencies while serving as accounting department manager, the Chicago Annual Inspection Certificate (AIC) program and office manager. Cindy is a proven committed company advocate. 

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Hassle-free Communication

Your account will be assigned an account manager as your single point of contact for scheduling, billing and code information.  


A copy of the inspection/test witnessing report will be provided at the inspection location and a second copy will be mailed to you.


With EIS, you will be always be informed about your property’s equipment and up to date on code concerns.

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